What you are about to see now is how expert hands could turn a very strong prescription into a masterpiece.

This is the final result of eyeglasses with high miopia, thank to our staff’s advices in choosing the right frames and a perfect mounting, performed in our laboratory.

The entire process starts with the choice of the frames by the customer, helped by our staff.

Comparing the lenses’ thickness with the frames’ will give an idea on how a wrong choice could lead to disaster.

The entire process is carried out using high performance and precision tools.

We then mark the lenses on a computerized focometer.

Now the machine reads the internal shape  of the frames, in order to determine the lens’ size.

Following step is to fit a bi-adhesive tape on the lens and put it in the edger.

Alle the mounting data are transferred to the computerized edger.

The most delicate work is the edging of the lenses.

After that, both lenses are inserted in the frames. Following pictures show the thickness obtained.