Some time ago, a journalist wrote an article:

Vascellari, a cardinal as a friend…”

She was referring to the fact that the main image inside  our shop is Cardinal Ugo da Provenza, wearing spectacles on his nose. He had been painted by Tommaso da Modena between 1348 and 1352. It is possible to see the fresco in the cloister of  S. Nicolò  church in Treviso, and it is the earliest image of a pair of glasses.

We decided to assume this image as a symbol in 1996, after the shop had been restyled, to celebrate the 50 years in this field of our father, who is the founder of the business.

Our family had been in the world of optics for generations. In fact in Calalzo di Cadore ( loc. “Le Piazze”) in an old water-mill, the first factory was started, and now it is the main factory of an industrial pole, mainly regarding this object.

Ugo da Provenza, compass eyeglasses, 1352

Lozza factory celebrates the 500 emplyees goal. In the circles, one of the Vascellaris and  the Grandpa.