Donate your used eyeglasses!

There are over 15,000 eyeglasses that together we have donated over the past 30 years!


A heartfelt thank you to those who deposit their used eyeglasses in the special box every day and to those who devote their free time to sorting and cataloging these items, giving a smile to those who cannot afford them.

Since 1993 we have delivered, through some major collection centers such as AIDO, Don Orione Foundation, One Sight Foundation and for the past few years Lions, thousands of new and recycled eyeglasses to numerous charities around the world.

Customers often ask us: But where do they go?

From today, thanks to a dedicated service by Lions Clubs International , will allow us to know the destination by simply registering the WhatsApp number and indicating the city or province of pick-up.

Donating is a sign of love, and now as never before also toward our planet…


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Teddy Bears and nearsightedness

We thank our lovely customer Rosarita Meneghetti for the collection of Teddy Bears that crowns the window dedicated to myopia in children and the promising ophthalmic solution to prevent its uncontrolled worsening.

Read more at our page dedicated to this very timely topic:

Ms. Rosarita’s love for these soft toys has turned into a real passion for restoration and production of these teddy bears. In the window we can recognize the four-eyed teddy bear, the love bear (1920), the retired teddy bear and a lovable little elephant that as soon as it was displayed attracted the attention of a little boy of about 7 years old who was intent on buying it as a gift for his elephant-loving mother!

For any such requests I recommend you visit:


Once upon a time and there will always be St. Mark’s

This month’s window is dedicated to the exhibition “Once Upon a Time and There Will Always Be St. Mark’s“, on display at the Olivetti store designed by renowned Venetian architect Carlo Scarpa.

Organized by FAI Fondo Ambiente Italiano with the St. Mark’s Square Association in collaboration with the Carlo Montanaro Archive / La Fabbrica del Vedere , it presents to the public fifty etchings, lithographs, photographs and film stills of St. Mark’s Square and the surrounding area. Some of these usable even with anaglyphic glasses for three-dimensional vision.

The Exhibition curated by friend collector and film historian Carlo Montanaro, illustrates through the works in his collection, all the stages of image processing since it is possible to reproduce them, focusing on a subject that is always the same and always different: St. Mark’s Square.

We proudly point out that among the exhibited works it is possible to observe a very rare allegory of Venice as seen from the basin of St. Mark’s, from a German publication, which reminds us how much OPTICS was also held in consideration among the arts practiced in Venice in the very early 1700s.  The print does not appear so far to have been published in any work devoted to the history of optics and spectacles and is in our private collection.

The exhibition is open to the public from February 14 until February 26, 2023.



Happy Easter

Easter is approaching and, like every year, we dedicate our showcase in this period to Easter.

This time, however, it wants to be a slightly more thoughtful Easter, dedicated to reading and also, why not, to good company, perhaps with whom to discuss about the readings  just finished.

This showcase specifically presents 4 literary works by local artists (one of which Roberto Vascellari).

The first work “Japan on the nose” is an all-out research that reveals to history lovers, eyewear collectors and the simply curious the progress of an object created primarily for eye protection around 1000 BC. which, later reinvented in the West, took on specific forms and peculiarities in the Japanese archipelago.

A complete guide that explores every single aspect of the history of this object that remained mysterious for a long time in its evolution in Japan.

The other three works carry all the same signature, Riccardo Canciani, an author from Veneto who, treasuring the life experiences in 80 years, has decided to spread his philosophical thoughts.

“A man called Mauro”  he tells the intimate journey of an ordinary man who knew how to treasure common experiences to identify his purpose in life and pursue it in a coherent and tenacious way.

“I am Daniele” tells the story of Daniele who, just past the retirement age, examines his life and tells it focusing on some aspects and facts that have marked and taught him. Now, at the age of 67, he retires to a mountain cottage where he spends his days in close contact with nature, immersed in a world of new sounds and colors.

“The Great Journey” is the journey of knowledge through the analysis of the events that led to the evolution of man, up to a higher level of knowledge. All works are available on Amazon, both in print and digital format for Kindle.

All of these texts are mostly surrounded by specific frames for reading glasses, or “half glasses” as we know them more commonly. Simple, inexpensive and colorful, these glasses give a touch of sympathy to a condition (presbyopia) that is experienced by many as a problem. People don’t age, they acquire wisdom.


Entering the world of optics in 1946 as an employee of the historic company SAFILO, Urbano Vascellari will then open near the Rialto Bridge in Venice the current activity taking the name of “L’ottico di Rialto”.

75 years after that 1946, we wanted to celebrate this milestone with a dedicated line that inside the auction shows the logo of the Rialto Bridge engraved and colored in gold while outside you can read the Vascellari1946.

A series of frames made in Cadore that blend technology and craftsmanship, characterized by important shapes, using only cellulose acetate with thicknesses from 6 to 8 mm, ear stems and temples and a polishing obtained completely by hand.

The majesty of the Rialto Bridge is celebrated in this showcase by a work created entirely in steel by our client and friend Kyvin Sant.

Two other objects skilfully created by the same “Maestro” contribute to the exhibition: a gondola iron entangled among corals and an umbrella representing the flag of his country of origin, “Malta”.

Venice has always been made famous by skilled artisans “foresti” who love it and have dedicated their lives and their best works!



The Plague Doctor


This month’s showcase, in which the mask of the Plague Doctor is well displayed, make us think about the fact that at the moment this “black” period has not yet abandoned us. But as the Doctor of the Plague “treated” or visited the plague victims and the sick, trying to heal them, we hope that this mask in our showcase is a good omen for a future recovery.

A special Thanks to Mr. Kyvin Sant Metal Artist for these masterpiece like “ferro da gondola”, our name and the rose necklace wich he kindly gifted to us.






XMas 2021

Happy holidays 2021!

This year’s showcase is dedicated to the Nativity and to the release of our latest book about the history of eyewear in Japan.

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Let’s fight Myopia with the Stellest ™new lenses

Playing, working, reading, discovering the world … Did you know that most of learning takes place through sight? The more a child develops myopia at a young age, the faster myopia itself progresses.
Diagnosing myopia in time allows you to preserve your baby’s sight and visual health. You can try Essilor® Stellest ™ lenses, a new visual remedy from Essilor® to manage children’s myopia.

Stellest ™ lenses are Essilor®’s new visual remedy for managing children’s myopia.
The lens is made up of a series of invisible microlenses that create a signal in front of the retina to guide eye growth and slow the progression of myopia.
Thanks to, Essilor® Stellest ™ lenses slow down the progression of myopia.

With this spirit and to support Stellest ™, MyExpert Master Fit was born: a training course dedicated to Vision Professionals with the aim of raising the standards of professionalism and becoming experts in correction, thus trying to prevent the increase in the incidence of high myopia.









Here is the much desired “Certificate of the University of Milan BICOCCA”, a demanding training course but now, together with the medical profession and the parents of our young clients, we have an effective weapon to combat myopic progression. Come and discover the new H.A.L.T. of Stellest ™ lenses.




75 years of art and profession

18 October 2021.

From today, our family has dedicated 75 years to this indispensable craft which in the meantime has become a profession or as they say today, a “Mission” for us!

A special thanks to all our loyal customers who have allowed us to achieve this goal.


The twelfth edition, 9 to 17 October 2021, presents site specific installations, exhibitions in private galleries, hotels and museums, workshops, enhanced reality paths, face-to-face and online conferences to discover design meant as a complex process that starts from practical needs to reach the project. The theme proposed for the 2021 edition “DESIGN FOR ALL” is interpreted through carefully seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling the applications of new technologies.

The map presents a selection of artisanal businesses, concept stores, where the boundary between art and craft is often very thin. The ancient craftsmanship tradition combined with art make Venice a point of reference, the lounge of design.