Day of remembrance

A pair of eyeglasses sometimes can help us not to forget the cruelties inflicted due to aberrant ideologies
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4 November: the Liberty

Historic date for Italy! On November 4th the signing of the armistice Read more

Veleziana 2020

This week’s showcase is dedicated to the “Veleziana 2020” sailing event Read more

Thank you Mose!!!


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Rugby Celebration in Venice

“There are no ex Rugby players! Once you play Rugby, you’ll be a player all your life!”

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Summer Vacations

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San Martino 2016

Like every year, also this time the children entered, armed with lids and wooden spoons, to “batter” the S. Martin and then to have “a soldin” or some dessert as compensation.

October, the month of visual prevention


This month’s showcase is dedicated to visual prevention. Read more


High Tide 2019