Happy Easter

Easter is approaching and, like every year, we dedicate our showcase in this period to Easter.

This time, however, it wants to be a slightly more thoughtful Easter, dedicated to reading and also, why not, to good company, perhaps with whom to discuss about the readings  just finished.

This showcase specifically presents 4 literary works by local artists (one of which Roberto Vascellari).

The first work “Japan on the nose” is an all-out research that reveals to history lovers, eyewear collectors and the simply curious the progress of an object created primarily for eye protection around 1000 BC. which, later reinvented in the West, took on specific forms and peculiarities in the Japanese archipelago.

A complete guide that explores every single aspect of the history of this object that remained mysterious for a long time in its evolution in Japan.

The other three works carry all the same signature, Riccardo Canciani, an author from Veneto who, treasuring the life experiences in 80 years, has decided to spread his philosophical thoughts.

“A man called Mauro”  he tells the intimate journey of an ordinary man who knew how to treasure common experiences to identify his purpose in life and pursue it in a coherent and tenacious way.

“I am Daniele” tells the story of Daniele who, just past the retirement age, examines his life and tells it focusing on some aspects and facts that have marked and taught him. Now, at the age of 67, he retires to a mountain cottage where he spends his days in close contact with nature, immersed in a world of new sounds and colors.

“The Great Journey” is the journey of knowledge through the analysis of the events that led to the evolution of man, up to a higher level of knowledge. All works are available on Amazon, both in print and digital format for Kindle.

All of these texts are mostly surrounded by specific frames for reading glasses, or “half glasses” as we know them more commonly. Simple, inexpensive and colorful, these glasses give a touch of sympathy to a condition (presbyopia) that is experienced by many as a problem. People don’t age, they acquire wisdom.