Donate your used eyeglasses!

There are over 15,000 eyeglasses that together we have donated over the past 30 years!


A heartfelt thank you to those who deposit their used eyeglasses in the special box every day and to those who devote their free time to sorting and cataloging these items, giving a smile to those who cannot afford them.

Since 1993 we have delivered, through some major collection centers such as AIDO, Don Orione Foundation, One Sight Foundation and for the past few years Lions, thousands of new and recycled eyeglasses to numerous charities around the world.

Customers often ask us: But where do they go?

From today, thanks to a dedicated service by Lions Clubs International , will allow us to know the destination by simply registering the WhatsApp number and indicating the city or province of pick-up.

Donating is a sign of love, and now as never before also toward our planet…


Translated with DeepL