Ottica Vascellari

in Venice from 1959

  • Turtles and birds…

    Turtles and birds, means tortoise-shell and feathers. That's the main subject for the window's display during this carnival time. Bottom part of the window is full of tortoise-shell color frames, while the top part shows our new colors, the feathered ones.

    We also display Gabriele Conchetto's…

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  • Xmas 2018

    2018 Xmas window display

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  • “L’occhiale al potere” exibition

    Bow spectacles from the 16th to 20th century made of leather, whalebone, iron, copper, brass, silver and gold, horn, tortoiseshell, cardboard lacquered. Temple spectacles showing the development of side arms. Sun Protective spectacles for Eskimos, Chinese, Venetians, along with Richardson 4 lens glasses and…

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