Ottica Vascellari

in Venice since 1959

A pair of eyeglasses is not good if the wearer is not in symbiosis with it. A professional assembling after a careful sale by our staff, can correct any kind of visual defect.

When choosing a pair of frames we cannot just think about the way it looks, as any customer needs different lenses or frames according to his anatomy. This is the reason why a qualified staff is needed to guide you to the right choice.

Last News

  • Fall

    Fall is the main subject for this month's windows display.

    All the tools shown are traditional tools typical of rural life as described in Urbano Vascellari's book "Diario di un Alpino".

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  • Diario di un Alpino

    Today is our last day here, we are going on vacations, higly deserved! We are going to be back on Aug. 27th.

    We are celebrating a great moment durign our vacations. Urbano Vascellari will be presenting his book "Diario di un Alpino" next Aug. 17th at the council room at Calalzo di Cadore City Hall. Free entrance.


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  • Vacations

    July! Time to have some vacations. It could be a good time to think about a swimming mask with corrective lenses, or just a good time for a pair of coloured sunglasses, with polarized lenses, good for mountain or for the beach. Whatever you need, we have it!

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