Entering the world of optics in 1946 as an employee of the historic company SAFILO, Urbano Vascellari will then open near the Rialto Bridge in Venice the current activity taking the name of “L’ottico di Rialto”.

75 years after that 1946, we wanted to celebrate this milestone with a dedicated line that inside the auction shows the logo of the Rialto Bridge engraved and colored in gold while outside you can read the Vascellari1946.

A series of frames made in Cadore that blend technology and craftsmanship, characterized by important shapes, using only cellulose acetate with thicknesses from 6 to 8 mm, ear stems and temples and a polishing obtained completely by hand.

The majesty of the Rialto Bridge is celebrated in this showcase by a work created entirely in steel by our client and friend Kyvin Sant.

Two other objects skilfully created by the same “Maestro” contribute to the exhibition: a gondola iron entangled among corals and an umbrella representing the flag of his country of origin, “Malta”.

Venice has always been made famous by skilled artisans “foresti” who love it and have dedicated their lives and their best works!