Let’s fight Myopia with the Stellest ™new lenses

Playing, working, reading, discovering the world … Did you know that most of learning takes place through sight? The more a child develops myopia at a young age, the faster myopia itself progresses.
Diagnosing myopia in time allows you to preserve your baby’s sight and visual health. You can try Essilor® Stellest ™ lenses, a new visual remedy from Essilor® to manage children’s myopia.

Stellest ™ lenses are Essilor®’s new visual remedy for managing children’s myopia.
The lens is made up of a series of invisible microlenses that create a signal in front of the retina to guide eye growth and slow the progression of myopia.
Thanks to H.A.L.T.technology, Essilor® Stellest ™ lenses slow down the progression of myopia.

With this spirit and to support Stellest ™, MyExpert Master Fit was born: a training course dedicated to Vision Professionals with the aim of raising the standards of professionalism and becoming experts in correction, thus trying to prevent the increase in the incidence of high myopia.









Here is the much desired “Certificate of the University of Milan BICOCCA”, a demanding training course but now, together with the medical profession and the parents of our young clients, we have an effective weapon to combat myopic progression. Come and discover the new H.A.L.T. of Stellest ™ lenses.