4th Annual photo contest for young and children: Rialto’s lights and colors

With great pleasure, once again this year we welcome and expose the photographs of the winners of the 4th photo competition dedicated to children and wanted by the teacher Gabriella Giaretta, president of the Campo Rialto Novo Committee and adjacencies. This year’s jury could count on the photographer and writer Philippe Apatie, the architect and a member of the Claudio Paggiarin committee and the journalist Vera Mantengoli. The competition, dedicated to children aged 8 to 16, aims to find, observe and investigate the most significant aspects of the historical and architectural signs of the Rialto Island to learn from History and create the Future. 27 people had participated in the “Lights and colors” competition, sending many photographs. The winner turned out to be Marta Stella Urbani, 12 years old with the photo “Luce del silenzio”. Third classified Carlotta Sfriso, aged 14 with “Alba a Rialto”. We are particularly proud to exhibit the runner-up, Lorenzo Vascellari, aged 9 (the youngest) with “1 Photo / 1 Euro” subtitled “Surviving Rialto”. The jury appreciated the framing of the fish counter with a sense of depth thanks to the perfectly balanced escape lines, and the subtle irony perfectly inserted in the upper right corner with the request for money for each shot. Lorenzo said: “Dad I waited for the fishmonger to turn!”.

La Nuova Venezia newspaper dedicated a short article to the awarding. Like every year, the booklet with all the participating photos is available on request.