Rolando Segalin Prize



On  June 26, 2015 the First Prize competition Rolando Segalin ended. It was established to honor the memory of a great venetian artisan, who died March 15, 2014.

Created for young artisans of the City of Venice that distinguished themselves for productions characterized by elements of originality during 2014, the award’s main objective  is  the enhancement of components of the craft and their accomplishments, while stimulating venetian business enrich and improve its offer.

Over 18 local companies have been selected, from art glass to wrought iron, from paper to shoes, from marble to cutlery, from batsmen gold spectacles.

We partecipated and presented our scratched finishing, with the aim of recreating the effect of antique wood or leather.

All the works in competition, in our opinion, were of absolute originality and quality, and our congratulations go to the winner Stefania Giannicci’s Own Paper. It was great satisfaction for the positive comments expressed by the jury.


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