A writer from 1900


A writer from ‘900.

“Vaghe Stelle dell’Orsa” is the exhibition dedicated to Freya Stark  and tooks place in Asolo (TV), from Sept. 27th to Nov. 23rd 2014. The story of an artist told through a “collage”

of memories and productions. She was not only dedicated to writing, archeology and cartography, but also to new cultures and tales, that she could meet by travelling a lot during her centennial life.



This window display is inspirited by the staging of the exhibition, and focuses the attention on reading frames, essential tools to read ancient texts, that usually tell the story of great personalities.

We have used an antique oil lamp, a wooden table writing desk and an antique german book from 1753, that holds a Nuremburg type, copper arch spectacles in its back cover.