Carnival Windows display 2014

The showcase of Carnival 2014 is dedicated to the ancient art of Venetian Pastry. Confectioners were called “Scaleteri”, the name of an ancient cake, the “Scaleta”, very similar to unleavened bread.  Today, the bakery has evolved thanks to European influences.

The objects on display come from the Rizzardini’s collection, one of the oldest pastries  in the city.  Starting from the bottom, right in the middle, the typical copper pot “bogier the fritole and Galani”. Leaning in front of the pot, a  document of the Serenissima, dated March 7, 1792,  as a duty payment for the instruments they used, as well as a reproduction of a seller of pancakes while frying. On the sides, the Mariegola (sign) of the ancient pastry and the photo of the banner in 1797 in the church of San Fantin, patron of confectioners. Upstairs some papers on the history of Venetian pastry, a magnificent dish embossed brass plate used to stack the pancakes, depicting the Lion of St. Mark, as well as an old wooden box for sweets. The pancakes are sweet as Galani that today it is possible to find them easily in Italy. Each zone used different names while the pancakes (fritole) are available only in Venice.