Dear Norma,

every time we have the opportunity to reread your emails, your words fill us with joy for your friendship and gratify the time we dedicate to this job.

Now our hearts do not cry for the loss of a customer but for a great friend with an immense heart.

Even if on the other side of the ocean, you were always present in our speeches and thoughts.

I can’t tell you how many of our customers have known you even if they have never seen you in the face because in each of our sales you were our icon of style and elegance and how not to remember when you told us that even in pajamas our glasses had to accompany the color!

Seeing you here twice a year was a party and now our hearts will never forget you.

A warm hug like the one we always exchanged,

Roberto, Luana, Cristina and Renato

Christmas 2009

Dear Roberto,

with this email I want to thank you for your passion that has given me great satisfaction.

You have no idea how your glasses changed my life.

While teaching in a large university I was an ordinary person among thousands of other people but being able to change the color of my glasses every day created interest in people.

Every day they stop me to talk to me and now I have many more friends but above all I have had new job opportunities.

Believe me it is a beautiful thing that helps even in the most critical moments of our life and you are the architect of all this! ”


“Christmas 2011

Dear Roberto, Cristina and Renato,

Happy New Year! I would like to thank you for the magic glasses! Every morning when I choose a frame and change the lenses, a wonderful thing happens. I feel beautiful and elegant and ready to face anything that comes.

You gave me this and every day I think of you with love! “


“Christmas 2015

Dear Roberto,

in this season of gifts I want to thank you for making me one of the best gifts of my life my beautiful glasses …… from 2005 to today I still have people who stop me on the street to compliment me.

With all my heart I wish you all a Merry Christmas “