The MOON Week

The moon, as seen in Venice in 1700.

This month windows display is dedicated to our satellite, as this year is the 50th anniversary of the man on the moon.

Since ancient times, moon has always been studied and observed, but how was it observed in Venice in 1700? Which tools were used for the purpouse?

Some cardboard telescopes are shown here, crafted by venetian opticians between 1700 and 1800. They are signed Fratelli Dolci, Biasio Burlini, Domenico Selva, Olivo, Deregni and Leonardo Semitecolo.

Added now two ancient documents of the mid-1700s, more and Venetians, thanks to the private collection of Carrer Daniele.

An “Instrument” dated 1760, printed in Venice by Teodoro Viero, where the phases of the moon could be calculated until the year 1803 and a notice for the Eclipse of February 11, 1804, with the phases of the passage of the Moon in front of the Sun.