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Contact lenses

WARNINGS ON THE USE AND MAINTENANCE OF CONTACT LENSES Warning! Cause Covid-19, we do not recommend the use of contact lenses during the emergency period especially for users of Silicone Hydrogel lenses and in any case wash your hands with disinfectants and rinse them thoroughly before wearing them!

Northern Route (blue)

We shall start form Piazzale Roma heading to Rialto. We will see Santa Lucia church on our left, just after the train station. As we said, the church was on the land that was to build the railway terminal, and therefore it had been scheduled for demolition in 1860. Then the body of the holy […]

Southern route (violet)

The southern route connects two different accesses to the city: the new and the old, following a route which is almost unknown to tourists. Start from the left corner at Piazzale Roma, and walk along the very long Fondamenta dei Tre Ponti, heading to Accademia. Then walk along Calle Ragusei. As you get to Campo […]

Progressive Lenses

Over the years, our eyes’ capabilities change. Typically, after 45 years old, we realize that we cannot focus correctly when reading a newspaper. We get tired of reading a few pages of a book and we are not quite able to focus on the very small words at close range. Unfortunately this means we are […]


Our staff is extremely careful when assebling your eyeglasses, to guarantee a final product perfectly meeting your needs. Talking and collaborating with our customers helps us to understand and to satisfy all your needs, in order to give you the best service available. Lenses coming from the best factories are available here. Particoularly we recommend: […]