Adams style Lorgnette

England, 1790. Silver and mother of pearl handle custody Adams style lorgnettes.

Fabergè Glasses

Russia, 1890. Niello silver lorgnette made by Fabergé silversmith. Coat of arms of the Romanov family, Czar of Russia.

Silver and ivory men-lorgnette

England, Birmingham 1834. . On the handle is carved a coat of arms and ends with the head of a dog with collar.

Silver engraved neck lorgnette

England 1820. Silver floreal engraved neck lorgnette. The handle keeps the lens when it is closed.

Van Axel Lorgnette

Italy, 1840. Gold neck lorgnette with stones and baroque pearl. it was property of Counts Van Axel family. The handle has an unusual shape, when closed it might seem a barber’s razor. The stones’ disposition creates the Italian flag when the object is hung to a chain from the neck. Used at theatres to express the belonging to the Italian state during the Austrian occupation.