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Diario di un Alpino

Today is our last day here, we are going on vacations, higly deserved! We are going to be back on Aug. 27th. We are celebrating a great moment durign our vacations. Urbano Vascellari will be presenting his book “Diario di un Alpino” next Aug. 17th at the council room at Calalzo di Cadore City Hall. […]


July! Time to have some vacations. It could be a good time to think about a swimming mask with corrective lenses, or just a good time for a pair of coloured sunglasses, with polarized lenses, good for mountain or for the beach. Whatever you need, we have it!

Turtles and birds…

Turtles and birds, means tortoise-shell and feathers. That’s the main subject for the window’s display during this carnival time. Bottom part of the window is full of tortoise-shell color frames, while the top part shows our new colors, the feathered ones.       We also display Gabriele Conchetto’s new works, extremely precise and perfect […]

“L’occhiale al potere” exibition

  Bow spectacles from the 16th to 20th century made of leather, whalebone, iron, copper, brass, silver and gold, horn, tortoiseshell, cardboard lacquered. Temple spectacles showing the development of side arms. Sun Protective spectacles for Eskimos, Chinese, Venetians, along with Richardson 4 lens glasses and sunglasses about 1960’s. A tribute to Andy Warhol. Thanks to […]

St. Martin’s Day

San Martin xe ‘ndà in sofita/ a trovar la so novissa./ So novissa no ghe gera,/ el xe ‘ndà col cuo par tera/ viva viva san Martin/ Viva el nostro re del vin!/ San Martin m’ha mandà qua/ che ghe fassa la carità./ Anca lu col ghe n’aveva,/ carità el ghe ne fasseva/ Viva viva san Martin/ […]

Happy 71st anniversary

71 years ago, Urbano descended the Molinà river in order to start his first paid job. The Cargnel factory had been lately bought by the Tabacchi family and renamed S.A.F.I.L.O. We thank all of those who shared with Ottica Vascellari its 70th year, now gone by, and hope they will keep up the enthusiasm in […]

Under attack!

We apologize for not anwsering some emails, as we have recently been under attack and our website and server got stuck. Now everything is under control and ok, and we are back online.    

Rialto Market

Scuola dell’Infanzia “Nicolò Tommaseo Sez. 1” We are proud to dedicate this windows display to the 2nd edition of a photography contest for kids and teenagers, which took place last May at “Mercato di Rialto” the very heart of the city. The main purpouse of this contest, which has been set up by the Comitato […]

100 years of Persol

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] It all began when, in the 1875 Achille Berry, a twenty-year-old ophthalmologist native of Annecy (Fr), opened the first optical shop specialized in photography and astronomy, in Via Roma, 1 in Torino. Some years later, Ratti brothers relieved this business and, over half a century after the opening of the first store, the Berry company launched the […]